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La Bottega Degli Attori
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2010 Tim RAWK! Full Tilt/ Faifax Studio/Vic Arts Centre, Andrew Gray
2006 Little Red Travelling Hood Short N Sweet The Arts Centre, Michael Dahlstrom
2005 Bootlace A Bunch of Ratbags Magnormos, Aaron Joyner
2004 Kurt Dutch Courage Magnormos, Martin Croft
2004 Planchet The Three Musketeers Australian Shakespeare Company, Justin Harris-Parslo
2004 Sergeant Lombardi Passion Halogen / Looking Glass, Peter Tulloch
2003 Axel / Tony Wide Brown Land La Mama Theatre, Kevin Hopkins
2003 Cook Hello! Dolly The Production Company, Rodney Fisher
2002 Constable Ross The Removalists Bakehouse Theatre, Erin Green


2012 Squatter Australia on Trial - Massacre at Myall Creek December Media, Ana Kokkinos
2012 Electrician Howzat! Kerry Packer's War Southern Star, Daina Reid
2010 Lord Alexander Campbell Easter Island Nothing Product, Johan Mard
2010 Simon Myer South Africa World Cup Badjar
2010 Young Detective Under Belly - The Man Who Got Away Screentime, Cherie Nowlan
2010 Tommy Riddell Killing TIme , Peter Andrikidis
2009 Brian Marshall Rush Southern Star Productions, Daniel Nettheim
2008 Brian Marshall Rush Southern Star Productions, Erin White, Emma Freeman
2008 Theo Home and Away Seven Network, Scott Hartford-Davis
2007 Kevin Casey Neighbours Fremantle Media Australia P/L, Jovita O'Shaugnessy, Tony Osicka, Aarne Neeme
2007 Arnie Smith McLeod's Daughters Millenium Television Pty. Ltd, Declan Eames
2007 Richard The Beautiful and Damned Ontological Pictures, Richard Wolstencroft
2006 Kevin Casey Neighbours Fremantlemedia Australia, Jet Wilkinson
2005 Various MCM
2004 Guest Role Totally Wild Network Ten/Beyond, Kylie Smith
2004 Mark Robinson Stingers Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier, Steve Mann
2001 Sheep Bandit - Steve McLeod's Daughters Millenium Television Pty. Ltd, Don Crombie


2010 Guest Laminex "Dinner Party" tvc CHE
2007 Ben - Featured Visual Leave It To Beaver
2006 Chef IGA Supermarkets CHE, Fin Enquist
2003 Dom Water Savers Laundry Shannon's Way, Stuart McDonald


Pianoforte, Flauto traverso